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July 8th 07, 08:59 PM
OK, first the SH*T parts...

I thought I was at the point where we could put the kittens in with Tayla
full time since they've been in there loose for as long as an hour at a
time. But yesterday, when they were playing with the stick with feathers,
Archer ran into Tayla and she beat the crap out of him - growling like she
meant it. She didn't draw any blood or rip out any fur - he's fine, just
had to stuffing scared out of him - but this was definitely not play, she
meant business. So... we have to take a step backwards and back off of her
a little bit (she's *REAL* spooky - probably the result of being kicked out
of her house into the OUT and left to fend for herself and her kittens).

Secondly, I brought my resident three to the vet on Friday to get a bivalent
(Heska) UltraNasal FVRC. That one takes effect after 48 hours - I figured
with Ben off tomorrow he could put the screened door up and let all six cats
get used to seeing and smelling each other. But... the vet didn't have any
in stock so we had to use the parental vaccine (intra-muscular injection)
which takes 2 weeks to take effect. So it's another 2 weeks before we can
even put the screen on the door (we're taking ultra precautions -
sterilizing dishes, using Purell hand sanitizer when we leave a room, etc.,
so our resident 3 don't pick up the URI virus). However, I'm thinking that
Tayla, as spooky as she is, may use the extra 2 weeks to become more
confident and relaxed (although, with humans, she's a total love bug -
crawling all over anyone who might give her a pet or two! ;>)

Now the !!!!! I was at PetsMart picking up the kittens' Nutra-Max and
decided to pick up some claw clippers - I figured that if we start getting
all 6 used to claws being clipped (my resident 3 have never had it done
since they use their scratching posts and we really don't give a rat's a$$
about our raggedy a$$ furniture). That way when they do all get together
there will be less chance of blood being drawn if they do get into a scrap.

As predicted, Jessie went ballistic and, for now, still has her sharpened
claws. Demi disappeared when she saw something was up; and I'm thinking
about buying a tranquilizer gun before we even try it on Sammy. The
kittens, of course, were really easy to clip, but I was leery about Tayla
and brought out a big beach towel. However, she is such a pettin's slut
that she sat quietly on Ben's desk and let Ben clip three of her paws as
long as I was scritching and praising. We did have to use the towel to get
the last hind paw done, but it was also easy - as soon as her head was
covered she lay there quietly.

Well folks, the adventure continues! ;>




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Mr Tanaka
July 9th 07, 11:18 AM
CatNipped wrote:
> OK, first the SH*T parts...
> But yesterday, when they were playing with the stick with feathers...

<sipping my tea>

*it's the type of sip and geering that says, what did you expect with
a feather stick?
too funny