View Full Version : Kitties and Company

July 10th 07, 10:53 PM
I had a friend come visit for a week, and it is always the same old
thing--this wonderful little tabby who does all these cute things turned
into a neurotic little hider!

He was here for about a week, and toward the end of the week she came out of
hiding as we sat in my office. We ignored her completely, and she began
rubbing on my leg. I continued talking to him, absently petting her but not
looking at her. She left, came back in, and announced her presence with a
meow! Then she sprawled under the work table and gazed at him.

But the next day, she was hiding again.

Our other cat comes right up to everyone, and she also was raised in a
one-cat, quiet household.

Do your cats act differently with overnight company?

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