View Full Version : Group hunting

Ted Davis
July 15th 07, 02:46 AM
While eating supper, a quick blur of red tabby at the east fence (90
feet away and about all I can see through the window while eating)
caught my eye. Siegmund was after something in the fence row brush.
A couple of minutes later, his two (red tabby) sisters, Sieglinde and
Brünhilde; Ozy (red tabby color point); and Mudpie (almost totally
black, but from a calico mother) gathered around. Nothing happened
for about ten minutes, then Mudpie wandered off to the north and half
a minute or so later Ozy moved off south, then through the fence.
After another ten minutes or so, Siegmund himself wandered back toward
the house leaving the two females to watch for prey. Nothing moved in
the brush. About dark I got up to close the back door before the coon
arrived - Tigger was on the workshop steps, Fluffy was on the house
steps, Fleagor and CJ were on the concrete around the two clothesline
poles (none having any interest at all in the wasted hunt or the
hunters), and the coon was watching from the under a tree about 120
feet away. I told him he was too late to get in - he turned around
and started back toward the woods. The two female red tabbies were
*still* watching that spot in the brush.

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