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July 23rd 07, 01:05 PM
Ante Up, kelly,

On Jul 22, 10:15 pm, "Kelly Neville" > wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> A month or two ago, I wrote about my dog Rocky and
> his problems getting housetrained.

Dogs don't have problems getting house trained.
Puppys housebreak themselves instinctively starting
at four weeks of age.

> He has since gotten worse much worse.

You got a lotta good advice when you posted last time.

> My husband and I are out of ideas.

So, you've come back for more good ideas?

> He is almost seven months and he is a
> bichon/cavalier. We have tried crate training him
> but now he soils his crate. (and no we don't keep
> him in there for a unreasonably lenght of time).

Your dog is having panic attacks from
being locked in a box.

> I thought that was like an instinct for dogs,
> not to go in their crate.

No. Housebreaking is INSTINCTIVE for dogs living
in a house. Dogs PANIC when locked in a box with no
food water or toilet area and crap and **** themselves
as an uncontrolable visceral response.

> Now I don't know what to do.

Perhaps you should write an essay?

> Any suggestions would be VERY appreciated.

Or perhaps you should read an essay?

Try this, you might just get LUCKY: