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July 24th 07, 03:32 AM

> Tom Varney of the Secret Service then told the judge that he believed
> Cummings to be a major threat to society and that he was concerned
> because of the upcoming presidential campaign. It was unclear if he
> was actually implying that Cummings would somehow be a threat to the
> president but the judge and the police listened intently.
> This was the first time a Secret Service agent had come to their town.
> Varney continued to describe the threatening items that had been found
> in Cummings' residence: a copy of The Anarchist's Cookbook, publications
> from Loompanix, a mag stripe read head (no electronics) which "could have
> been used" to commit fraud, and material thought to be C4 but later
> proven not to be. However, Varney said, the fact that it could have been
> showed how serious this was. Nobody questioned his logic.

Wow, I'd better throw out my copy of "The Anarchist's Cookbook", eh?.
Oh wait: it would be more fitting if I blew it up.

* C-SPAN Television, Wednesday June 5th, 1997
* Andrew Grove, Chairman & CEO of Intel Corporation, is asked whether
* bomb-making information should be censored from the Internet.
* "No. The same information is available in libraries, and we don't
* censor libraries, nor should we. When I was thirteen I built a
* nitroglycerin bomb. It was an incredibly stupid thing to do,
* and I knew someone who had their hand blown off, but I am
* adamantly against censoring such material."
* "And unlike a library, a parent can buy a program that uses keyword
* monitoring to disallow Internet traffic per the parents' wishes.

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