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July 24th 07, 12:29 AM

they're smoking wacky
* tabacky."

Tell all the damn manipulative politicians.

Jail's not even cost effective.

* RAND Study Finds Mandatory Minimums Cost-Ineffective
* ----------------------------------------------------
* Excerpt from RAND Press Release:
* Washington, DC, May 12, 1997 -- If cutting drug consumption and
* drug-related crime are the nation's prime drug control
* objectives, then the mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws
* in force at the federal level and in most states are not the
* way to get there.
* This is the key finding of "Mandatory Minimum Drug
* Sentences: Throwing Away the Key or the Taxpayer's Money?",
* a new RAND study that provides the first quantitative
* analysis of how successful these measures are in achieving
* what Director Barry McCaffrey of the Office of National Drug
* Control Policy has called "our central purpose and mission -
* - reducing illicit drug use and its consequences."

In Florida, they charged a mother with delivering cocaine to her baby.
A problem with this is the mother-addict repeatedly applied for rehab
programs, but there were no available slots. Not enough funding.

Law enforcement drug hysteria. Decades of Drug War.

Those rumor-level stories about our government encouraging
drugs to reach the inner cities were weird.

Remember, we've been having a Drug War for four decades now.

I guess there is a certain logic to it. Obviously the government is into
hysteria on the matter: it is then possible that th

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