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* determine the patient's position to within the length of a football field.
* Sounds protective? Relevance recognizes the bonafide use of this
* technology but we continue to harbor reservations about its potential for
* abuse.
* Notably, Eagle Eye Technologies received its initial funding from the
* U.S. government through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
* (DARPA), headed for many years by current Secretary of Defense, William
* Perry. In fact, much of the surveillance technology being introduced in
* the private sector was fostered, funded and even directed by government
* agencies.
* Once the utility of tracking Alzheimer's patients was demonstrated, it was
* inevitable that someone would consider applications in children. As
* kidnappings and murders of children gain a higher media profile, we are
* likely to hear calls for the use of child tracking devices. The proposed
* panacea could someday be the implantable microchip.
* Incredibly, someone was working on just such a system back in 1989.
* According to the Arizona Republic of July 20th, 1989, inventor Jack
* Dunlap was working on a product known as KIDSCAN, designed to help
* locate children who have been kidnapped or murdered.
* The article states: "Each child whose parents signed up for
* KIDSCAN would get a computer chip planted under the skin and an
* identification number. The chip would transmit a signal that would bounce
* off a satellite and be picked up by police on a computer-screen map."
* The syringe implantable biochip
* Which brings us to what is undoubtedly the most fearsome potential threat
* in the surveillance arsenal -- one that should raise the hairs on the neck
* of even the most trusting techno-child of the nineties. It is the
* implantable biochip transponder.
* When implanted under

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