View Full Version : New Kitty Mom

July 27th 07, 08:38 PM
Hi everyone!

I posted awhile ago when Kirby wasn't feeling so great. She's much
much better now and such a little darling. She's my first ever cat
though, and I always am sort of unsure what to do. My boyfriend and I
are young and we realize Kirby should be around another 15 or 20 years
(here's to hoping!!) and in that time we will get married and have
kids. As a result we want to be extra careful to raise a kitty that is
somewhat gentle, I dont want any accidents in the future!! She
discovered her claws a week or so ago and that has been lots of fun.
She loves to play with us and we used to let her "fight" with her
hands. However, this week she is suddenly biting much harder and I
don't know what I should do. Is this just a phase or should I be
trying to correct her or redirect her? Right now we are just saying
"No, gentle" and redirecting her to her mousey toys that she loves so
much. I know she is just a baby but I just want to make sure that it
is in fact a phase. Sorry if its a really silly question.