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August 1st 07, 05:04 PM

Sheelagh >o
August 1st 07, 06:30 PM
On 1 Aug, 17:04, "Matthew" > wrote:
> http://www.local6.com/family/13755246/detail.html

Thank you for this link Matthew. A very close friend of ours has just
been told that her cat has a massive mass growing in the back leg &
spinal region of his torso. Despite removing as much as the veterinary
surgeon possibly could, she was told that there was every possibility
that the tumour could return.

Three months down the line, Treacle's mass has begun to grow again @
an amazing speed too. Her poor slave is distraught, as you can
imagine. The vet has told her that he can make the cat comfortable,
but in real terms, there is not very much that he can do to rid
Treacle of this mass anymore, & also that she might like to consider
where they go from here. The veterinary surgeon could not give them an
accurate time scale, other than to say that he was able to tell her
that they are looking @ weeks rather than months.

I think that sending her a link to this piece that you have posted,
will go a long way to helping her to prepare for the inevitable
choices that she will need to make in the near future. Thank you for
posting it. I'm certain that there are many people that could benefit
form the advice that this link has to offer. It has put into words,
everything that I wanted to say, but couldn't find the right words to

It is a very comprehensive bit of literature, that covers many of the
emotions that one goes through when they have to face when the time
comes to making that ultimate sacrifice- the gift of love.

Thank you for sharing it with us- It is certainly going to make my
role easier now that you have, as there are times when you know what
you want to say, but can't find the right words to express them.

Sheelagh >"o"<