View Full Version : Having a happy cat...

August 3rd 07, 05:44 AM
Hello to everyone, good to see such an online presence for kitties! I
started up a website called cat utah for cats with behavior problems.
This was inspired partly by our cat Moki, who was quite a handful when
we got him, now he's a pretty cool cat... (in our header graphic on
the site, Moki is the second <a href="http://www.catutah.com">cat</a>
from the right)

Anyway, for a short time I'm offering a free e-book on cat recipes. In
it there's 100 purrrrfect recipes with everything from yummy <a
href="http://www.catutah.com/list/email02.html">cat treats</a> and
healthy raw food dishes to home made flea remedies.

I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep this offer going, but these
days you gotta offer free stuff just to get people to visit your
website! The early cat gets the treats!