View Full Version : A Cat That Predict Death - AMAZING TRUE STORY

John Napzter
August 6th 07, 03:32 PM
In July 2007, a fascinating story emerged in the New England Journal
of Medicine about a cat that could "predict" the deaths of patients in
a nursing home several hours before they died. Oscar, a cat adopted by
the staff of the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in
Providence, R.I., has at least 25 successful predictions, in which
patients died hours after the cat sat down by their beds. After the
nursing home's staff caught on to Oscar's ability, they began alerting
families whenever the cat took up his post next to a patient. Most
families tolerate or even welcome his presence, though Oscar becomes
upset if forced out of the room of a dying patient, meowing outside
the door...

to view picture of the Cat, follow the link