View Full Version : Enough Sleep Equals Productivity

August 15th 07, 07:45 AM
Picture this. You wake up one morning and it's time for you to fix
yourself or else you'll be late. You've barely slept and spent most of
the time staring at the ceiling. You're stressed and you want to get
back to sleep. As a last resort, you take sleeping pills only to find
yourself the next day to be dazed, dizzy and weak at work. You decide
to stop the pills and try to sleep normally but once again find
yourself faced with the same dilemma. Even if you're already tired to
the bone and look like a raccoon with your perennial eye bags, you
still just can't sleep.

You are not alone. In today's fast-paced society, sleep deprivation is
very common. People nowadays seemed to be so tied up with work-
spending many hours at the office. At home, even as they lie down in
bed, getting rest is such a challenge. They can't get their mind of
their work and other matters that float inside their head.

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