View Full Version : asthma, inhalers and now throwing up

August 18th 07, 03:05 PM
We're going to the vet again this week but I'm just looking to see if
anyone else has experienced this. This little cat has scared me with
his health since day 1. He has asthma apparently...we've gone through
a zillion tests. We started him on Flixotide in March with the
Aerokat. We're starting to get the coughing down (he usually recovers
quickly) but he started throwing up furballs a few weeks ago---a
first--and really huge ones! We gave him some furball goo and that
subsided but today he just threw up his food and then threw up, well
nothing but a bit of liquid. He literally collapsed on his front legs
and then wobbled for about 30 seconds. He's fine now...hoarse and he
seems to tell us off vocally (sounds very Siamese although he's a "new
breed", ha, Puma...basically a probably not properly bred kitty---but
one of the sweetest guys in the world). We had a Siamese who was put
to sleep with congestive heart failure and I'm just paranoid at this
point. I think we follow every lead but---this little guy (Sammy) has
lost about a pound and something just isn't right. Ideas?---til we get
to the vet? Or just GO right now?