View Full Version : YOUR HELP NEEDED ON RATING SITE! [corrected]

August 19th 07, 11:13 PM
This message is only going out to 5 pet-related usenet groups, so
there shouldn't be any cross-posting.

The goal is to get about 500 people interested in pet issues to assist
in a site rating "party" within the next two weeks.

It's not a scam, the client just needs people willing to devote some
time to providing thoughtful feedback and doesn't want to spam anyone.

All you need to do is provide a valid e-mail and you will receive at
most TWO emails from "survey7" right before the bash begins.
The first e-mail will acknowledge receipt of your e-mail, to avoid
problems with autoresponders. The second will contain a link to the

There is a competitive reward system, but you can certainly remain
anonymous if you prefer.

PRIVACY: All email addresses *will* be deleted from the
plainlysmart.com server on September 1, 2007.
Your email address will NOT be shared with anyone, not even with my
This way, it will be totally up to you whether to participate or not
and your privacy is protected.

Please sign up at http://survey7.plainlysmart.com/index.php.