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W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Com
August 24th 07, 04:09 AM
*The following below is not of my writing, nor my public or professional
opinion. When I read about ear mites and that it is that I am treating my
cat with Hartz ear mite control, I decided to post this to know your
opinions. This posting is not meant to slight the Hartz and or Sergents
company, it is to enlighten anyone to the truths made public by your opinion
and again, the following below is not mine. No slander intended.

Got this from another one of my group about Hartz.


Hartz kills cats definitively only with two of
their products "Hartz One Spot" and "Hartz Advanced Care" Flea
Treatments. The culprit ingriedient is "PYRETHRUM"!!! In some cases it
causes muscle tremors, inability to walk, seizure activity and
sometimes death. An ear mite treatment made by Hartz would probably
not injure the animal provided there was absolutely no Pyrethrum in the
mix. But, truth be told I would go to the vets for the diagnosis to be
certain it is mites as Deborah said. The normal person does not have
access to a microscope at home and that is the way they are diagnosed.
Should the results be positive - ask the veterinarian for the less
expensive "IVOMECTIN" solution. It is very inexpensive and the vet
just mixes it up right at the office -- you put in a couple of drops
per day in affected ears -- Presto -- no mites.

Hartz does kill
and "Hartz Syndrome" does exist and will continue until people stop
trying to save that extra dollar only to spend many hundreds should the
Hartz flea treatments affect the health of their cat. I have nursed at
least a dozen cats with Hartz syndrome and it is not pretty. And yes,
I lost one. It is a fact that Hartz does not affect a good portion of
the feline and CANINE (lost a Min-Pin too) population but, when it is
your pet it is certainly devastating.

If you use Hartz or Sergents or any of the other products out there
that contain Pyrethrum beware! These products may only ever hurt just
ONE of your pets but, wouldn't that be enough?

I would also ask if Hartz is not guilty of making a product that does
injure pets why would they offer to pay the veterinary bills for those
affected? They do you know!!! Sounds like a touch of guilt there.

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