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August 29th 07, 11:35 PM
Hello everybody,

I would like to share the following news with kitten-lovers. Two great
free books were released online:

Kittens: A Family Chronicle, by Svend Fleuron:

Those who have been content to regard the cat merely,
aesthetically, as a household ornament, economically, as a
mouse-killer, or fantastically, as an adjunct of witchcraft, will
doubtless read this book with some surprise. For Svend Fleuron has
imagined (or observed) a cat more or less cut off from relationship
with men, bringing up her kittens in the fields, against all the odds
that any wild animal, surrounded by the destructive terrors of nature,
has to face. If this novel were a true picture of human life, it would
show, relentlessly and bitterly, how nature overcame the mother and
her children. As, however, it is a picture of cat life, the end is a
happy one...

The book covers the following topics: kittens, cats, dogs, puppies,
crows, mice, domestic animals, pets.

Stories of Animal Sagacity by William Henry Giles Kingston

300+ tales of how clever various individual animals have been seen
to be, and in most cases a little moral is drawn from the story. The
book includes 60 illustrations.

The book covers the following topics: animal sagacity, stories,
cats, dogs, oxen, birds, donkeys, horses, elephaunts, lions, tigers,
savage animals.

August 30th 07, 07:06 PM
Yeah, I'm going to click on a link posted by "info collector"!



August 30th 07, 07:19 PM
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> Yeah, I'm going to click on a link posted by "info collector"!