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August 30th 07, 01:25 PM
I copied this from another group, I thought it was worth reposting here...

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I copied this from another group, thought it was worth passing along...

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To: All European Citizens Who Want to Help Primates

This is a critical time in Europe. The European Commission (EC) is currently
revising the law - known as Directive 86/609 - that governs animal
experiments across Europe.

86/609 is a hugely powerful Directive that has power of life and death over
millions of animals across the continent - setting out minimum standards for
how and whether animals can be used in experiments.

A staggering ten million animals are used in outdated and wasteful
experiments in European laboratories every year. The Directive is supposed
to ensure "the protection of animals used for experimental and other
scientific purposes" but the huge numbers show that it's just not doing

There is a real possibility that with enough support the EC will ban all
primate tests as part of the revised law.

Written Declaration 40/2007 urges the European Parliament to use the
revision process of Directive 86/609/EC as an opportunity to establish a
timetable for replacing the use of all primates in scientific experiments
with alternatives.

This is Urgent. The Declaration will fall on 7th September and the
signatures of half the MEPs in the Parliament is needed by then.

If you care about animals visit the following website to urge them to sign
Written Declaration 40/2007.

If you want to do more:-

Please write to the European Commission and ask them to ban primate tests.
To help, a prepared letter can be found at

The address is:-
Mr. Stavros Dimas
Commissioner for Environment
European Commission
B-1049, Brussels, Belgium

Please tell all your colleagues and friends in the UK and Europe about
Written Declaration 40/2007.

For information on Alternatives to Animal Testing and why they work visit
the Dr Hadwen Trust

For further information:-




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