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Cat Protector
August 30th 07, 04:31 PM
This woman is in her 50's and has been killing cats for 2 decades now. She's
also an author of children's book. I guess she doesn't care that the message
she's sending to kids is that it's ok to kill cats. I hope more cat lovers
will make their voices heard and also sign the online petition that one cat
lover developed. You can find it at:


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"James" > wrote in message
> On Aug 29, 12:55 pm, "Cat Protector" > wrote:
>> This is absolutely disgusting! Kaye Kessing should be ashamed of herself!
>> This is definately a big crime against cats.
>> http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2007/s2016936.htm
> She must be a young lass who didn't know about the English eating roof
> rabbits during the war. You can bet that those English pussies were
> pets.