View Full Version : My ultimate cat tray solution

September 3rd 07, 07:31 PM
After years of emptying cat trays, I think I've finally hit upon the
cat tray solution that works for me.

Previously, I used the Exquisicat Sifting Disposable Cat Tray Liners
together with clumping kitty litter. That solution worked pretty
nicely. It was pretty quick to gather up the liner and extract all
the clumps leaving behind most of the kitty litter. The only problem
was that the cats would scratch at the plastic liners and rip them.

My solution to this is to by a second cat tray bottom and cut out the
bottom of it so it forms a scratchable liner around the sides of the
cat tray. I then insert this scratchable liner on top of the thing
sifting cat tray liners.

You can see pictures of what I'm taking about at:


Ben Slade
Chevy Chase, MD
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