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September 7th 07, 04:30 PM
The Scottish Government has issued a Consultation Document on the sale
and use of electronic training aids such as electric shock collars for
cats and dogs.

Using new powers under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act
2006 , it would be possible for Scottish Ministers to regulate the use
of such collars by requiring users or sellers to be licensed or

In 2000 the UK Police removed electric collars from its list of
approved dog training equipment. The British Veterinary Association,
(BVA) does not support the use of shock collars.

The Scottish Animal Rights group Advocates for Animals has issued a
statement welcoming the consultation. It has been running a campaign
to prohibit electric shock collars it produced a report: Why electric
shock collars for dogs should be banned [.pdf], which examines the
scientific evidence and views of relevant organisations.

The Scottish consultation wants reasoned views on whether any controls
should be placed on electric shock or static pulse collars, whether
their use, sale, distribution and possession should be banned,
restricted or whether they should continue to be allowed to be freely

In its submission to the Parliament, the Electronic Collar
Manufacturers Association (ECMA) states that it was established to
promote the safe and responsible use of electronic pet training
equipment. Setting out safety and equipment useage guidelines, the
ECMA says it is committed to the safety of companion animals and to
the responsible use of its members' products.

Comments on the consultation should be sent to:
by 30th November 2007.