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September 9th 07, 06:47 PM
Hello all--

If you are involved in rescue in the Dallas area (specifically the Allen
Texas area), you may be interested in joining a Yahoo group for our
mutual support so that what happened to me doesn't happen to you.

The placement family looked OK, a little fastidious, but we should
reject someone for being too clean?

Maybe so.

The kittens were fat, healthy and happy, and today one of them is on the
edge of death from Lord knows what, and the other is holding her own.

When I attempted to retrieve them, I got screamed out like you would not
believe from the husband, who has, shall we say, quite some mouth on
him. I thought it was interesting that he kept screaming at me that I
was raising my voice (if I had been, how could he tell?) and that I was
(his word) "insane."

I talked with another placement agency but it was the day after the
kittens were placed--it seems they rejected this couple based on a prior
bad experience! Too late for my little babies!

I did call the SPCA (they can do nothing because it is Collin County).
I called the Allen PD and spoke with the Animal
Control Officer, and learned that the one is near death ("scrawny,
listless and lethargic").

I spoke with their vet--not the one they said they used, but one they
specifically said they did NOT use!--and he said "what is wrong with
her? She calls my office four and five times a day! I finally told the
girl at the desk not to put her calls through. The woman says she
thinks there is something wrong neonatally. She told me maybe the
kittens are too much for her, and I said maybe she was right. I just
want to crawl under a rock when she calls."

Ya know, if we had a central location to list freaks like this, these
kittens would not be in harm's way today.

So please, go to Yahoo groups, if you are a rescue, provide your group's
name and contact information, and let's get together for the good of the
animals we are trying to save!

(kittens Inc)