View Full Version : Change in Tidy Cats litter?

September 12th 07, 02:59 PM
I'm generally fairly generic in my selection of scoopable litter,
talking whatever is on sale and ignoring the different in-brand
varieties (less smell, longer lasting, multicat, etc).

I've often ended up with Tidy Cats and neither my cats or I seem to
have any thoughts about it one way or another. However, a new pack
seems to be strange. Instead of the normal bits of stuff, it seems to
be bigger bits, around the size of a beebee (bb?). It almost looks
like little balls of styrofoam. And it doesn't seem to clump very
well. It breaks apart when I try to scoop it.

Hmm, I'm at work now (can't you tell?) and I'll have to look closer at
the container when I get home. I haven't seen the old disposable
litter come in big plastic containers like this, but maybe I ended up
with the old stuff? It's sure acting like it.

Anyone else notice this?