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September 20th 07, 02:13 AM
think I covered it all

today Moe & Rudy were groomed by the SPCA, couldn't afford a regular
groomer not at $50 per cat and my income having been cut in half

while they groomed...I did the flea bomb..said I only had to air it
out for 30 min I did an hour got 1 cat did the advantage, then same

took the clothes said on in there carriers put in plastic bag right
out the door and sprayed there carriers down too

then Moe & Rudy look at each, might you like any cats that (they're
brother's and neutered) they have there tifts...but Rudy went nuts
growled at Moe, never has done barred his teeth & arched his back
hissing the whole time...I separate them & call the human society
they tell me they guys have had a trauma it's a normal reaction keep
them apart by days end they should ok

my daughter gets home (I left a not explaining it) she decides to try
it they went into full attack mode this Moe fighting back they were
pulling what little hair left that had out & starting to bite she
managed to seperate them

I get home a few hrs later try again they do an uneasy truce - you
stay on you said of the room etc (small aprart) mean while Rudy isn't
just being aggesive toward Moe he's growling at my Daughtet (she's 30)
he's known for abt 5 months..so I try I just do the sweet talk not
even touch him, he's growling and shaking!

now it's past time for them to be fed
I separate them..Rudy's in my bdrm..go in to check on him and he'd all
lovey-dovey! the same guy that just growled at me for the first time

How soon is ok to get them back together? What caused this? Don't
recognize each other or is it the scent?

About the Advantage, they were treated at 2:00 pm today it's now 9 pm
and they're covered in live fleas! never used Advantage before

since it looks like one of the guys is going stay in the bedroom with

and there's all those flea's....get the problem
though the flea defogger says it kills adult pre-adult, larvae, and
their eggs up 7 months

still worry abt my bed being covered in them

Should I be worried abt it (the flea's getting on bed and furniture
given that I used the bug bomb today?

The other 3 Q's are:
When will the Advantage kick in (treated at 2 pm today) ?

When will Moe and Rudy be safe together again? And what caused it?

Phew, did I make the record for longest post ever


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