View Full Version : How long for Feliway to work?

September 20th 07, 11:52 AM
Got a Feliway diffuser for Meep, as there's a possibility that her belly
fur-mowing has a behavioral aspect... Vet gave her a long-acting
antihistamine, and she's licking less but I still catch her at it
sometimes. Figured it can't hurt.

But four weeks ('s what the packages says)? Does it really take that
long for Feliway to have an effect, if it's going to?


Rene S.
September 20th 07, 08:29 PM
When I used the Feliway, I'd say it took 1-2 months to notice
anything. It's hard to say in your case. It might help her a lot; on
the other hand, it might not do much at all. I'd try using it 2-3
months and see how things go.