View Full Version : The great outdoors can be a living hell?

John Doe
September 26th 07, 07:44 AM
I took in a feral female many months ago. I'm sure she was born and
stayed in the not-so-great outdoors. She is terrified of people.
Currently she is inside and has her own territory, accommodations, a
good view, and currently gets premium wet food only. Recently I got
motivated and bought four 8 foot 1x4s and carpeted them. The carpet as
padding attached to it, so it should be better to lie on. She already
has some carpeted boards to climb around on. One of them is a sturdy
2x4 with older carpet, so I replaced it with one of the new carpeted
boards. Apparently she had some trouble using the new board, it was
too springy or whatever. She has to climb down the carpeted board to
get to the litter box and she didn't use the litter box for about 48
hours (or it just seemed that long). She wasn't eating as well either.
It's like she freaked. Since changing the boards was the best
lead/theory, I put the sturdy 2x4 back in place and within about 12
hours she let loose in the box, and she's eating well again. So I'm
wondering. She has to be physically tough to have survived out there,
but she's a mental delicate flower? If she's so adverse to change,
being outside must've been a living hell (and maybe it left an

I might have the cat psychology wrong, but what the animal mentally
goes through outside is another consideration, in addition to the
known physical hazards in most outside environments. I provide outside
sights/sounds/smells (the stimulation) and exercise, and they enjoy
staying inside.

Good luck and have fun.