View Full Version : Advantage Did Not Work

September 28th 07, 03:50 AM
while Moe & Rudy were being groomed...I set off the flea bomb, runs
for 2 hrs then u air out the place 1/2 an hour

got them home, took out Moe first, got the advantage on him,,,,took
his carrier and put on the balconey went back later and sprayed it
down well w/spray

repeat performance for Rudy

the vacum bag has a flea collar it....put both cats in one room went
arond the base of the & floor sprayed that and I spray the door area
(inside & out) every day

We still have flea's! Vet said I can re-treat them after 3 weeks....

What can I do now!!? This is grounds for eviction if your animal has
flea's, very noticeable now with their short hair (after the grooming)

as for the fleas is true they can't reproduce because of the chemicals
in Advantage?

and the flea bomb states it lasts for a min. of 7 months kills adult,
pre-adult, larvae of flea's

is there anyhting, i do mean anything that I so stop these damned
fleas? HELP

my income is so low, I borrowed to pat for the Advantage & the flea


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