View Full Version : What Advantage Told me & Q's, HELP

September 29th 07, 02:11 AM
I emailed them told them it was 8 days ago since I treated Moe & Rudy,
had also used a flea Bomb, Vacuumed w/a flea collar in the bag and
sprayed downed the door mats, door ways, and all around the edges
where the floor meets the wall

the said i had hit the time when the eggs hadn't yet hatched and
nothing could stop that...that I needed to re-treat next month...had
planned on but that but to do it another month

can't afford it! had to borrow for the bug bomb and the advantage
only have it half paid back

they also sais since it was bug bombed and spayed down fleas had no
where to go but the cats

so are the fleas still laying eggs? Is there anything else I can do?
they were treated just 8 days ago, flea bomb done then too

I don't know what to do anymore..I'm so broke
seriously thinking of giving them away...my daughter's friend will
take take them

break my heart, I love them dearly...Moe & Rudy were the last thing
(for lack of a better word) that Rick (my late husband) and I got
together as a couple

as for thier fighting....they are on a "just tolerate" each other


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