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October 3rd 07, 05:26 PM
so, i got a crazy siamese situation. i live in NY and i live a very
busy life. one year ago a siamese was given to me as a "love gift"
from a guy that has almost, if not so, been stalking me. i refused the
gift since i was in no situation to take care of a cat, i didn't want
a gift from him and i dont support the idea of giving away animals as
gifts. he told me that he had already gotten her and as I refused for
about four weeks the whole situation turned in to him telling me that -
you have to take her, i cannot keep her. he finally brought her to our
work, without my knowledge and left her there for me to take (since we
are working together). i took her home determined that i would adopt
her away, but of course i fell in love and i thought that i would give
it a try.

ever since then i moved 3 times, and basically that is my life. i
lived recently with other cats wich she loved and now she is really
depressed from being taken away from them since i moved again. it was
probably never a good idea to not find her a home right away. im
struggeling a lot with my life and right now i finally got a new place
where my life and roommates seems to be working out.

the problem is that she is so noisy. i know that is special for the
siamese breed but she wont let me sleep through the night. i cant even
go to the bathroom without her screaming outside the door. she only
seems to be happy and calm if she can lie on top of me, if im just
around the corner and she cant see me, she screams. when she is around
other cats it keeps her occupied and she is happy, she basically LOVES
other animals, i even think she would be a good friend with a dog if
she had the oppurtunity to live with one.

with other words, she needs attention and i dont have the time, i am
gone sometimes 14 hours a day. i spend all my time working or taking
classes and im dealing with a divorce.

what i dont know is what to do next. i know she has already been
through a lot, moving and a lot of stress. i have been so stressed out
over my own life its been really hard making someone else feel safe.

i thinking about giving her up for adoption but i had people say that
another change will kill her. if that is the case maybe its better me

im desperate for advice

October 3rd 07, 07:50 PM
On Oct 3, 12:26 pm, wrote:
> i thinking about giving her up for adoption but i had people say that
> another change will kill her. if that is the case maybe its better me
> trying?
> im desperate for advice

I really think this cat would do better in a permanent, stable home
where she is wanted, and where she will be cared for. I'm not trying
to slam you. I do understand your situation, and I'm glad you
acknowledge that you should have found her a home immediately when you
got her. I would listen to what some of the posters who work in
animal adoption have to say, and you might also try listing her at
petfinders.org. Be very careful when adopting out this cat.
Unfortunately there are some very sick individuals who would use her
for bad purposes. Thoroughly investigate the home where she will be
living, and thoroughly check out any potential adopters, including
calling their references, and calling their regular vet to see what
type of owner they are. Another thought is you could try a Siamese

Please, do not get any more animals until you are very grounded and
settled in your life. I know you realize now that having an animal is
a full-time responsibility. Learning as we grow older is part of
life's lessons. I wish you luck, and please let us know how it goes
with the adoption.