View Full Version : evidence for legalization of pedo philia

commander zero rides
October 5th 07, 05:29 PM
Below is evidence that pedophilia is not harmful.

The pe do philia scare is a fake. It is not harmful. That is why they
refuse to allow anyone to discuss the issue openly. It would reveal
that there is much evidence that it is harmless and can be

check out these sources:

Gilbert Herdt on the culture of the Sambia people.

The Rind Report

"Harmful to Minors" by Judith Levine

"Love Against Hate" by Karl Meninger

It is even mentioned as common practice in the opera Don Giovanni by

There are more sources. Have you ever noticed that only westerners
arrested overseas? The locals never are.

The sex hysteria is being used as a pretext to distract the people
from the failings of the government and to make them fear the