View Full Version : my cats blood chemistry

Tara Legale
October 14th 07, 05:46 AM
I need to have dental work done on my cat (9 years old). I had them do the
pre-blood chemisty to check for problems. Her creatinine is a little high
at 2.2 (high end max 1.6 and is related to her kidney function), her ALT is
74 (high end max should be no more than 50, this is related to liver
function). All other levels are fine.

The vet said her creatinine is high and that she has very diminished kidney
function, but as you see above, the creatinine isn't that high, it is the
ALT (liver) that is very high. I'm just wondering if anyone has experience
with lab readings and has an opinion.

I have an appointment for her dental work for next Friday (10/19). We will
do a urinalysis pre-procedure, and the vet says IV before, during and after.
I'm very worried because I have lost two pets (a cat and a dog) to
anetheasia (sp?) in the past. I also alerted the vet to a concern of her
getting easily winded if another cat chases her. He said her heart and
breathing sounded fine, no murmur. He said she could have mild exercise
induced asthma. This only adds to my worry about the dental work. However
the vet said it is important to do the work, her teeth are very bad and will
do further damage damage to her kidneys, etc.

Opinions and more importantly experience with labs and the procedures pre
and during dental work?