View Full Version : Update on shy cat Gracie

October 16th 07, 01:34 PM
Hello Everyone,
Gracie is coming out from beneath the bed where she likes to hide,
she likes watching the birds and has meow to tell one of us. me or my
wife to open up the blinds so she can see the birds. She has scented
where my late cat once marked her area, and has even jumped up on one
of the chairs to get a better view of her area. just like Tiger my
late cat. I don't know much about Ginger Tabby cats, can anyone send
me a link so I can read more about this breed of cat?

October 16th 07, 03:37 PM
Glad she is doing better. Ginger tabby cats are not a breed, but here is
some information:
Are ginger tabby cats usually male and is it true they are always very

It is indeed true that most ginger (orange) tabby cats are male, in fact the
ratio of males to females is around 3:1. All cats have 19 pairs of
chromosomes, and all 19 pairs are found in each and every cell in the cats
body. In cats, just like in people, it is these chromosomes that carry genes
that are passed along from the cats parents.

Just like people, cats have a pair of sex chromosomes, which make them male
or female, and these chromosomes also play a significant role in determining
the cats color. In cats, females have xx and males are xy (the 'y' is the
male determining factor). Each parent donates 1 chromosome, since the
females are xx, they can only send an x, if the father sends an x,
congratulations it's a girl, if he sends the y, you guessed it, it's a boy.

The ginger color is located in the x chromosome, and dominates all other
colors (except white, since white is not a color, but rather an absence of
color, white can override orange). Since the boys only have one x
chromosome, they either are orange, or they are not orange (hmmm... you
don't say, they either are or they aren't). In females, two x's conflict,
and each cell randomly ignores one of them. So with one out of the way in
each cell, some cells have the orange x on, and others will turn it off,
which produces Calico fur (orange, black/brown/etc).

So for a female to be all orange, BOTH x's need to be ginger genes.

Wait a minute, does that mean there is no such thing as a male Calico? No,
there could be a male Calico, but they are very rare, since the male would
need to have a mutation that causes a 2nd x in some cells, or an 'xxy'
set-up. That means the male Calico would be sterile, and may even act a
little girly.

And the color has nothing to do with affection. Cats are just like people,
some probably like you, and others just don't.

For more than you would ever need to know about cats, check out: