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John Doe
October 23rd 07, 02:40 AM
I'm really enjoying plastic grass doormats (probably from any major
store that sells doormats). You can probably buy carpet like that,
but I'm not sure if it would be as suitable. You might find that
your cat enjoys lying on the plastic grass doormats, especially when
it's hot. They might enjoy rolling around on it too, and it probably
helps clean them. Then there is the litter box area, probably where
it does best.

Of course lots of people write lots of things, as any USENET regular
knows. So I read a pamphlet that said "catch, neuter, and release".
What if you live in a neighborhood with lots of stray/feral cats,
and for whatever reason you cannot keep them around indefinitely
like for feeding them. Would the "catch, neuter, and release" do any
good? I guess it wouldn't do much for the individual cat but it
definitely would help prevent more cats.

I skated by the SPCA today. Asked one of the employees about
neutering a stray. She suggested I take it to a veterinarian. She
said they were full of cats and not accepting any more. She said
problem cats could be dealt with by calling some other organization.
I wonder whether they think that cats reproducing aren't problem
cats. Since neutering is so important for stray/feral cats, I would
think there would be some permanently based facility for concerned
citizens to have that done for less than the regular charge by a
veterinarian. I'm curious whether anyone lives in an area that does
consider neutering important enough to have a perennial/regular
facility besides a veterinarian.

Have fun.