View Full Version : stray kittens Sacramento/Carmichael

October 24th 07, 10:32 AM
Just in case any to offer suggestions...

There is a kitten family (4 or 5 week old) here at my complex. The seem to
huddle close together nearby. I work a swing shift. When I get home I've
seen them under the cars or trucks, but always together. Recently, two
ladies were out back feeding them dry food and trying to figure out how to
rescue them. I spoke with the SPCA and they said "we can't do anything
about it." Just to "get a cat container and try to round them up for the
city pound."

I emailed a woman from "cat rescue" locally who said she'd "commit
hereself," but hasn't helped yet. My apt owner/manager has no inclination
to help. Says to "just stop feeding them." There is one adult gray/short
hair that has been around for over a year. He/she actually survived last
year when the temp dipped below 25 degrees. I felt really bad for him and
tried to help by putting a covered cardboard box out for him (them) as
shelter, but the maanager threw it away.

Thanks for all.