View Full Version : Updated on the two cats

October 24th 07, 05:31 PM
Well, we haven't been paying as much attention to Elvis, the bigger,
boy cat (I told the kids to just let him be and see what happens) and
he is coming around, wants attention, and even purred. He still does
not like to be held, so we just pet him when he comes around.

The girl cat, Daisy May, is still iffy as to her personality. Maybe
she just isn't a "people" cat. hehe Sometimes she will be nice and
just sit in out laps and purr, but last night, while no one was within
10 feet of her and we were reading, she hissed at us. We were just
sitting there reading a book and she was far away and hissed. Maybe
she is just ****y. She is so cute though, a little orange cat. She is
smaller than most, but so cute. So, we decided to let her do her
thing and hope she warms up in time. Like I said, she will cower for
no reason and now she hissed without anyone near her or being loud or
anything. But, this morning she came up and rubbed up against my leg
while sitting her with one of my kids. Who knows.