View Full Version : Preparations a friend is making for evacation (with her cat)

October 24th 07, 10:15 PM
I just posted this message to anecdotes, but I thought it was also
appropriate for this group. I have a friend who lives near San Diego. I
contacted her today to see if everything is okay, and she says they have had
lots of smoke but no impact from the fires -- at least not yet. I thought
some of you might be interested in the preparations she has made for her cat
in case an evacuation order comes through. She has been taking her cat to
the office every day. My friend puts the cat in a carrier and locks him in
the office when she is in class, then lets him out when she is not in class
and can stay in the office with him. She has loaded a few necessities in
the car, and since the cat is with her at all times, she will be able to
quickly grab the cat carrier and head for the car (which is fully loaded
with gas) if they have to evacuate. She is single, so she does not have a
family to include in the preparations.