View Full Version : Will someone please remind me... (and Ming update)

Jean B.
November 5th 07, 06:14 PM
What is it that folks here have gotten to calm anxious cats?

Mingy was back at the Vet's today. Still no physical reason
discerned for his urinating outside the box. The Vet asked
where he peed. I said mostly in the bay window.... She
seemed to think it was because of cats outside. Then I did
recall that there has been a pretty aggressive cat up on the
deck rails right outside the windows there. Maybe that was
the genesis of this....

I am going to block the view onto the deck (poor inside
plants!) Also poor Mingy who likes to gaze outside. Maybe
now is the time to get him another tall structure and to put
it on my bureau so he can see outside the bedroom window. At
least no cats would be right in his face!
Jean B.