View Full Version : How to get her in our house

November 29th 07, 07:22 PM

I need some advise. I rescued a female cat (Alice) in September. I
had her spayed and all her shots. She is staying outside. She sleeps
on the back porch where it is warm. she has a cat door so she can go
in and out.

We have a female cat (Rosie) that allows us to live with her. We
found her on our door step when she was about 3 weeks old. She rules
the house. She is housebroken. When she want to use the bathroom,
she will give us the signal and we will let her out. When she is
finished and doing all her playing we let her back in the house. When
we go off for several days she has a sandbox that we will set up for

Rosie is terrified of Alice. They are both the same size now but
Rosie will not really stand up for herself. She has been able to get
outside some but Alice stalks her. I think that Alice is just trying
to play but Rosie has never been around another cat and really does
not know how to play.

Here is the problems. We do not want a sand box in our house. I
don't think that Alice would learn how to let us know when she wants
to go out to use the bathroom.

I think that Rosie was be traumatized if we let Alice in.

Does anyone have any ideas about these 2 problems??

Thanks for any help you may give.