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poslovni pokloni
December 9th 07, 02:58 PM

did you knew?

Nutrition is a relatively modern science that examines the relationship
between health and diet. Nutritionists are food experts who specialize in
area of health and nutrition, and are trained to provide healthy, science
based nutritional advices and tips.
Deficiencies or imbalances in diet will quite often produce very negative
impacts on your health, which may lead to cardiovascular diseases or
diabetes, obesity, scurvy or osteoporosis disease.
Many known diseases and symptoms can often be prevented with positive
nutrition. The science of nutrition is trying to understand why and how
dietary aspects influence human health in general.

Diets for weight control

The most common diets are weight loss diet, weight gain, sports training,
avoidance of cancers, cardio-vascular health, food allergies and for many
other well known reasons. Going on a diet can often change the energy
balance and decrease or increase the amount of body fat. Some foods are
recommended more often for the requirements of a diet. These tipes of diets
are always recommended in combination with exercise..

Weight loss

May lead to the total loss of body mass in an effort to improve health,
fitness, or appearance. Therapeutic or medical weight loss, in overweight
persons, can lower the chances of developing diseases such as diabetes.
Overweight persons are facing a much bigger risk of type 2 diabetes, high
blood pressure, heart disease, osteoarthritis, stroke, and few types of
cancer. For natural and healthy weight loss, a physician should be guied to
do a strict plan that is specifically tailored to the needs of the
individual. Weight loss can even occur when person is in a state of so
called, negative balance energy . When the human body is spending more
energy and heat than it is actually gaining from healthy nutritional
supplements, it will surely catabolise all the stored reserves of fat or
muscle. It is common for individuals who already are at a medically planed
process to intentionally lose weight for medical and health reasons. There
are cases when it is done with the goal of improving athletic and phisics
performance or to meet surten weight classifications in a sport. In other
cases, the prime goal is to achieve a more attractively and well shaped
body. Being underweight is also very connected to many health risks.
Underweight health problems can include infections, osteoporosis, decreased
strength, trouble regulating body temperature and even increased risk of