View Full Version : Cali EGC update

December 12th 07, 02:40 PM
Well, we finally got past the 90 days so I could have her allergy
bloodwork done (had to wait til she had been off Depo shots 90+ days)...
they kept her overnite because she had to be sedated to draw the blood
(2 big vials!) and they gave her a bath because she gets so yukky from the
irritation to her mouth and front legs...anyway, after they drew the blood
they were able to give her one final depo shot to ease her discomfort
until we get the results back. Bloodwork was $350 but I know all
that stuff does not come cheap. She looks great and is eating like a
champ now. I hope it is something "simple". I can only imagine how
much the allergy shots cost. Oh well - she's my little sweetie...
along with all my other sweeties!!!! Carol