View Full Version : cat handicapped most life now stopped walking completely

December 22nd 07, 04:12 AM
here is his story:

got him around 1 year old
fell off table around 1.5, bad fall, vet found nothing at time, he could not
stand up or walk for week following that fall, then by some miracle, no
pills no notrhing began to walk.. though limping, and seemed lacking
sensation on one side of his body.. but he walked well, pee, poo, appetite,
playing jumping.. everything a normal cat would do.. so since his fall at
1.5yo, and for following 4 or so years, all seemed okay.. until this morning
when we found him lying on bed unable to get up and with his front seeming
completely dead and paralyzed.. the back a bit better but not too good
either.. we're not sure if there is pain.. vet took xray.. found nothing
specific.. gave kortezeon shot+pills for a week.. the cat just kinda lies
still.. reacts to movement okay.. still good appetite.. did poo.. pee.. of
course with help..

we wanted to get your opinion on this..
or any good doctor in montreal area for him? or whatever else you think
could help.

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