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January 4th 08, 02:16 AM
this is by far the most bizarre article.
it seems to say that fur trim is attractive to people who are attracted to
women's genitals, and so you should wear fur if you want to be attractive


> Jeannette Walls:
> The fur is flying in a squabble between feminists and
> animal-rights activists.
> People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has been
> trying discourage women from wearing clothes with fur trim.
> To vividly make its point, the group has been running ads in
> various magazines showing a woman in a bikini who has not
> received the benefit of a bikini wax. The tagline reads, "Fur
> Trim: Unattractive."
> That assessment of a woman's natural, furry state so
> outraged the president of the New York chapter of NOW that
> she fired off a scathing letter to PETA. "This is a gratuitous
> and insulting image that makes its point at the expense of
> women," wrote Galen Sherwin, the president of the
> NOW-NYC. "Why don't you try protecting animals without
> objectifying women?"
> "The situation for billions of animals is critical and our
> goal is not to appease the public," PETA wrote back. "We want
> them to think about the issues." And bikini waxes.