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January 4th 08, 03:21 AM
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> . Russian Election
>> Of course you have followed the Putin and Russian election issue
> Russia's authoritarian leader Putin remains in control.
> Press excerpts:
> http://haplifnet.blogspot.com/2007/12/russias-authoritarian-leader-putin.html
> . What's Culture?
> Mentioned e-glob:
> http://groups.google.com/group/HAPLIF-BLOGGING_Deutsch/msg/417e27cc5cdb9ed2
> & http://www.politikforen.de/showthread.php?p=1806200#post1806200
> . Discourse Behavior
> Sort of two German "online affirmations" from Spiegel "forists"...
> http://groups.google.com/group/HAPLIF-BLOGGING_Deutsch/msg/d0571f16febf19a4
> & http://www.politikforen.de/showthread.php?p=1804467#post1804467
> . Intercultural Relatedness
> <<The Rhinelander (who resides in the UK) has been using this quote:
> "My Lords, do whatever you wish.
> As for me, I shall do no otherwise than pleases me." (Queen Elizabeth
> I, as I assume)
> http://www.politikforen.de/showthread.php?p=1806290#post1806290
> OHMIGOD! Brilliant! Outsource it! No startup costs, no production costs,
> no nothing. Brilliant!
> the above was a good discussion
> <<FK reply:
> http://www.politikforen.de/showthread.php?p=1806469#post1806469
> . Ukrainian Model
> The new girlfriend of Germany's ex-soccer-star Lothar Mätthäus (46) is
> the Ukrainian model Kristina "Tschutschu" Liliana (20).
> 2 photos: http://p3.focus.de/img/gen/0/l/HB0lcy51_Pxgen_r_467xA.jpg
> http://p3.focus.de/img/gen/R/8/HBR8q0Hj_Pxgen_r_311xA.jpg
> Lovely girl, amazing eyes
> Article:
> http://www.focus.de/panorama/boulevard/lothar-matthaeus_aid_227823.html
> . Homeland
>> <<Yeah, that's true. I loved it dearly as a youngster.
>> And I'll appreciate this as my 'sweet homeland' forever.
>> You could see on the 'bikeway (around the entire lake) map' that the
>> isle of Lindau is situated in the east whereas...>>
> . Kids
>> This leads me to a question about kids. Someone called me to ask my
>> advice
>> about taking an offered job. She made a big deal about how she didn't
>> want
>> to move because her child was having difficulty in adjusting to school
>> He's
>> about 14 I guess.
>> I hear this so often from parents about excuses about not moving to
>> improve
>> their own career. I really kind of don't get it. Because I only have
>> invisible children. Today they were asked to audition for the play
>> "Robinson
>> Crusoe" by the way, and I am very proud of them.
>> In the meantime, whenever I hear this from parents, it is inevitably
>> about
>> a child who they portrayed to me 10 years earlier as a child of unbounded
>> talents who is clearly a genius. So why are they having trouble in
>> school
>> ten years later.
>> You would think that taking them out of a school that they are having
>> trouble in would improve them altogether.
>> I also harken back to the time I was a teen. I wish my parents were
>> mobile
>> and that they had moved around more. This would have enriched my ability
>> to
>> cope in many ways.
>> I could be wrong because of course my invisible children are very mobile
>> and
>> happy to do whatever I want.
> <<I traveled with my parents only around in many German federal states
> as well as in Austria and Switzerland. With my friend's parents we
> discovered the French Côte d'Azur and the Italian Riviera. Invited by
> a general's family (the general's wife was my former French teacher) I
> stayed several weeks in Roma. Thereafter I moved to London - and so
> on...>>
> well see then you parents equipped you for interacting with a vast variety
> of people and cultures.
> . Gloriousness
>> <<I guess you also saw the photos of Stein a.R., of the little chateau
>> Arenenberg's splendid interior, and of 'Rothenburg ob der Tauber'
>> which is in an entirely different area (Franken in Bavaria). I only
>> presented it in this context because it was mentioned within the
>> excerpted passage (pertinent to Stein).>>
>> very glorious
> . Mount Vernon
>> I contrast this to my experiences yesterday.
>> We had dinner over my friend's apartment. She made a great meal that
>> included lobster.
>> Then we went to Mount Vernon to see a historic Christmas display of
>> President Washington's estate.
>> As we entered there was an adorable miniature version of the estate.
>> One of the placards indicated that a particular bedroom was the Lafayette
>> bedroom, because Lafayette was MORE than just a friend.
>> This led to speculation about what the phrase "father of our country"
>> really
>> means.
>> We decided that George and Martha might have really been swingers and
>> that
>> Lafayette and they probably often menaged.
>> Then, we moved on to a waiting spot under tents. Important because it
>> was
>> drizzling rain.
>> There we were treated to cookies from a recipe by Martha. And also warm
>> apple cider to deal with the wind.
>> We listened to a small singing group perform carols that might have been
>> sung at that time in history.
>> Finally, they allowed us to move forward.
>> The guide gave us a letter of introduction to give to Martha Washington
>> so
>> that we would be admitted to the estate.
>> It turns out that the US was founded on bureaucracy from the first day!!!
>> A little girl carried our letter of introduction. An actor playing the
>> slave caretaker accepted the letter and submitted to an actress playing
>> Martha. She offered to share her recipe for cake.
>> There were no tannenbaums in the house because that tradition did not
>> arrive
>> to the US till the 1800s. Turns out, from Germany.
>> I'd seen Mount Vernon before and may have mentioned it somewhere before,
>> but
>> never had I seen it at night.
>> Nor at Christmas time but in the summer, so this was a new experience.
>> They took us to the kitchen to show us the Christmas pie. What an
>> extraordinary grotesque thing. It was taller than a typical cake. It was
>> made of dough and stuffed with foul. They would take a small bird, like
>> a
>> partridge, then stuff it in a larger bird such as a duck. And then keep
>> adding larger and larger birds. The birds were stuffed matreshka style
>> in a
>> very salt saturated dough that was meant to preserve the pie. The pies
>> were
>> then sent to England as gifts to relatives.
>> They also made some weird wines. Here, from turnips.
>> Also, after the tour, we got to see a demonstration of dancing from that
>> era. It was probably the minuet but I couldn't hear what was being said.
>> I
>> noticed that it wasn't much different from the Electric Slide.
> <<Very nice story and www.mountvernon.org a great historic estate.>>
> HEre's the link from that page about the history of the miniature
> building
> http://www.mountvernon.org/mountvernon/pressroom/index.cfm/pid/859/
> here's a picture
> http://www.mountvernon.org/learn/collections/index.cfm/pid/114/
> this shows fashions that Martha Washington wore
> http://www.mountvernon.org/learn/collections/index.cfm/pid/626/
> They don't have a copy of the bonnet that the actress who played her
> daughter wore
> It was shaped like this but in a plain white color
> http://www.calicoannie.net/Pictures/sadiebonnet.jpg
> This is very close to the burka as far as I am concerned.
> I imagine it contributed to very many trip and fall accidents.
> It's like horse blinders
> . Miss World 2007
>> <<http://unterhaltung.t-online.de/c/13/59/10/82/13591082,tid=t.jpg
>> The first Chinese Miss World is Zhang Zilin from Beijing...
>> http://unterhaltung.t-online.de/c/13/58/96/98/13589698.html [diverse
>> galleries included].
> . 1001 Nights
>> Here's an "exotic" gallery of Lambertz:
>> http://unterhaltung.t-online.de/c/13/57/15/80/13571580.html
>> [13 artful photos]
> . History of Streaking
>> Photo gallery:www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/0,5538,26872,00.html
>> Is this art or fun - or both?
>> Or what could it be 'named'?>>
>> yeah maybe
>> It's just harmless fun,
>> I had a friend from Roanoke who had streaked on every single East coast
>> campus at one of their football games. He's a professional, a lawyer,
>> but I
>> don't think he'd call it art. He's a poet too, so I think he calls his
>> poetry art. but not his streaking
> <I thought the Spiegel might have considered those photos as art.
> . Spencer Tunik
> New York photographer Spencer Tunick, best known for staging photos
> with hundreds, often thousands of naked people in public settings, ...
> his largest photo shoot ever ... in Mexico City. It featured an
> estimated 6,000-9,000 naked Mexicans and took place in the Zócalo,
> Mexico City's famous city square, which once was the center of the
> Aztec Empire.
> http://laughingsquid.com/spencer-tunick-plans-giant-nude-photo-shoot-in-mexico-city
> This may be fun for the participants and is, supposedly, real ART.>
> I've seen some of his stuff before but I didn't imagine you were talking
> about the photo. Most photos are pretty much art
> and if a streaker wants to call his performance art, I won't object
> Just my friend doesn't
> here's an article about a young lady for whom staying put and not moving
> with her family was a benefit
> Notice how this relates to George Washington and me (Alexandria where I
> lived and also where George lived) as well as a connection to you in a way
> Truly international stuff
> mk5000
> http://www.skatetoday.com/articles07/120307.htm
> What a Year for Wagner
> Ashley Wagner
> Dec. 3, 2007
> Article & Photo © J. Barry Mittan
> It's been quite a year for Ashley Wagner, with personal bests coming
> throughout the year in both juniors and seniors. She started 2007 by
> winning the bronze medal in junior ladies at the U. S. Nationals. Although
> she had placed fourth in 2006, she had never reached the top three at any
> level in skating at Nationals until that time.
> Then the 16-year-old won the bronze medal at the World Junior Figure
> Skating Championships in Oberstdorf, Germany, in her first and only
> appearance at the event. World Juniors was a homecoming of sorts for
> Wagner, who was born in Heidelberg, while her father, an Army lieutenant
> colonel was stationed in the country. She is already a seasoned traveler,
> having moved nine times with her family. They finally settled in
> Alexandria, Virginia, near the Pentagon, where her father was actually
> working when it was attacked on September 11, 2001.
> Wagner opened the 2007-08 season by finishing fifth at Skate Canada in her
> first ISU senior Grand Prix appearance. Then she came from behind to win
> the bronze medal at Trophee Eric Bompard Cachemire in Paris for her first
> senior Grand Prix medal. "I'm really excited about this season," Wagner
> said. "It was time to move up to seniors and I hope it goes well. I'm just
> hoping to show everyone that I am a senior lady and that I can skate with
> the big dogs." In France, competing against World champion Kimmie Meissner
> and Mao Asada, she showed she could indeed hold her own against the best.
> The year 2006 was also a good one for Wagner, who burst on to the
> international scene by winning three events in late 2006 -- the Triglav
> Trophy, the ISU Junior Grand Prix in Courchevel, France, and the ISU JGP
> in The Hague, Netherlands. She capped off 2006 by finishing second at the
> ISU Junior Grand Prix Final in Sofia, Bulgaria.
> Wagner started skating in Eagle River, Alaska when she was five. "There
> was nothing to do there in the winter and I was driving my mom crazy,"
> Wagner recalled. "So I had a choice of ballet or skating and I wasn't
> going to do anything in pink shoes. I've actually started ballet now
> though because people were telling me I didn't look as mature as other
> skaters so I'm trying to improve on that."
> Wagner's younger brother, Austin, also competes nationally for the U. S.
> in intermediate men. "It's nice to have him skating at the same rink,"
> Wagner stated. "We both go to Mount Vernon Recreation Center. I usually
> have about three and a half hours on the ice, five days a week and another
> hour or an hour and a half of off ice practice. I do Pilates and I like to
> run after practice but I don't do anything else special. I used to do
> karate as a kid and got up to a yellow belt."
> Shirley Hughes has trained Wagner for the past six years. "Being a
> military brat really affected my skating," Wagner said. "This is the
> longest I've ever been in one place and it's really helped working with
> Shirley." Wagner landed her first triple salchow at 13, but thinks her
> triple lutz is her best jump.
> "My lutz is the best but I can tack a triple loop on the end of anything,"
> she said. "My triple toe is not amazing yet. I'm working on making every
> jump better as well as improving my skating skills and the quality of the
> jumps. I'll have triple loop-double loop, triple flip-double loop-double
> loop, and a triple lutz-triple loop in my programs."
> Jill Shipstad-Thomas choreographed Wagner's programs for 2007-08. "Both of
> my programs are new this season," Wagner said. "The music just sounded
> right to me. I like to use music that tells a story to entertain the
> audience, not boring repetitive music. So far I've always changed both of
> my programs every year because I get bored with them after a year and want
> something fresh."
> Wagner's short program is to music from the soundtrack of "Henry VIII" by
> Camille Saint-Saens while her free skate is to "Tango Jalousie" by Jacob
> Gade and "Mambo Jambo" by Perez Prado. "I'm using 'Bye Bye Blackbird' from
> the Broadway musical 'Fosse' for my exhibition program," Wagner said.
> "It's a nice upbeat song that's kind of fun to skate to." Off ice, she
> listens to anything that's alternative and upbeat, like the Red Hot Chili
> Peppers.
> To relax, she likes to hang out with friends, go shopping, and watch
> movies. "I like cheesy romantic comedies, definitely not horror," she
> said. She also collects Russian dolls. Her father brings them home to her
> as gifts on his international business travel. Her family has a cat, a
> frog, and two dogs as pets, including her German wirehaired pointer,
> Millie.
> Wagner is a junior at West Potomac High School, from which she walks to
> the ice rink every day. "I hope to be a sports medicine doctor," she said.
> "But skating affects when I'll go to college. I've always been kind of
> interested in medicine. I watch the Health Channel a lot. I think it would
> be a chance to combine skating with a career."
> For further information, Wagner has a website at
> www.figureskatersonline.com/ashleywagner/