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January 4th 08, 03:30 AM
> Roanoke Music update
> ===============
> Greetings from beautiful Roanoke, Virginia! At this writing, Summer's
> here in full force, and it looks and feels like it. And I'm glad. Like
> the song says, I'd much rather sweat than shiver. 'Sides, there's this
> real inviting, big blue wet thing out in the back yard beckoning
> whenever I get hot. Or when I get up. Or when I just want to be around
> some pretty stuff, like flowers. See the pics, if you like, at:
> http://billpaynemusic.net/photos-group-32.html
> I've had a hard time lately with kidney problems plaguing my days.
> I've had numerous symptoms and numerous treatments that include
> cystoscopy and lithotripsy, and I'm supposed to be passing fragments
> at this pont. Unfortunately, that's just not happening, so I'll
> continue with medical care that has taken me from debt-free to
> somewhere around $30,000 in the tank in less than 2 months. Don't even
> bring up the subject of insurance to me - that's just profanity in my
> world. I've applied for assistance, which is proving to help a little,
> but there's still a lot to pursue in that area. Meanwhile, I'll be
> looking for a part-time job to supplement the income from my business
> and from my performing songwriter activities as soon as I'm able to
> take on another job without suffering the debilitating effects of this
> kidney condition.
> What's been happening since the last newsletter in April? The
> highlight for me was when my trio, WOODY played at the main
> amphitheater stage at Roanoke's Festival In The Park. We had a great
> set and a terrific audience that hung in there until the end, when the
> sky opened up. Of course, they blamed us for the rain because we had
> just played Al Coffey's song, "God Laughs" a few songs from the end.
> There are some pictures you can check out at:
> http://billpaynemusic.net/photos-group-31.html
> I played at the North Chatt Cat in Chattanooga in April, and it was a
> great evening out on their patio. Thanks to my brother, Bob, for the
> arrangements.
> The following night, I played at the New Knoxville Brewing Co.,
> helping out with a benefit for my friends, Red and Plebian, who were
> burned out of their home in February.
> May brought the Shenandoah River Musicfest, hosted by Pops Walker in
> Luray, Va. I was also honored to run sound for the main event (the
> mixer is always the "hot seat") and enjoyed some truly great music
> from some great performers. Visit Pops at:
> http://popswalker.com/
> Also in May, I played at a benefit for the League For Animal
> Protection in Fincastle, Va. A fun day and a good cause.
> The deck at Three Li'l Pigs in Daleville, Va. was the scene of my
> first gig of the season there. I was joined by Denny Brooms, who is a
> friend and a terrific songwriter. We were blessed with nice weather
> and a responsive audience. I look forward to 3 more upcoming dates
> this year at the "Pig". And Denny is scheduled for his 3rd appearance
> at the Bluebird Cafe in September. Yay!
> One event I look forward to every year is the Nashville Songwriters
> Festival. I've been to all but the first one - and this year's, too. I
> missed it primarily because I've been a sick puppy for about a month.
> Kidney problems back to haunt me again. I hope to have that fixed
> soon. Visit the NSF at:
> http://www.songwritersfestival.com/
> Another disappointment is the cancellation of Al's open mic at Chip
> 'N Jo's in Salem on Tuesday nights. Lack of interest. Don't let me
> hear you bitchin' there's no place to try out new stuff. Besides, Al
> also runs Roanoke's best open mic at the Green Dolphin Grille in
> Roanoke on Thursday nights. 127 Campbell Ave., near Williamson Road
> and the Market.
> On the high side, My bud, Neanderpaul has done some very creative
> things on YouTube. He has a new video there of the Beatle song, "Penny
> Lane". Check it out at:
> http://youtube.com/watch?v=fU0w_6NLgcU
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>> Marika K. ~ e-glob, Washington, DC
>> <<Yeah, that's true. I loved it dearly as a youngster.
>> And I'll appreciate this as my 'sweet homeland' forever.
>> You could see on the 'bikeway (around the entire lake) map' that the
>> isle of Lindau is situated in the east whereas>
>> This leads me to a question about kids. Someone called me to ask my
>> advice
>> about taking an offered job. She made a big deal about how she didn't
>> want
>> to move because her child was having difficulty in adjusting to school
>> He's
>> about 14 I guess.
>> I hear this so often from parents about excuses about not moving to
>> improve
>> their own career. I really kind of don't get it. Because I only have
>> invisible children. Today they were asked to audition for the
>> play"Robinson
>> Crusoe" by the way, and I am very proud of them.
>> In the meantime, whenever I hear this from parents, it is inevitably
>> about
>> a child who they portrayed to me 10 years earlier as a child of unbounded
>> talents who is clearly a genius. So why are they having trouble in
>> school
>> ten years later.
>> You would think that taking them out of a school that they are having
>> trouble in would improve them altogether.
>> I also harken back to the time I was a teen. I wish my parents were
>> mobile
>> and that they had moved around more This would have enriched my ability
>> to
>> cope in many ways.
>> I could be wrong because of course my invisible children are very mobile
>> and
>> happy to do whatever I want.
>> << Stein am Rhein
>> is just at the utter west edge where the lake runs out as Rhine river.
>> It flows into the lake on the southern side (border of Austria and
>> Switzerland). Its origin is in the Swiss Alps.>>
>> - - - -
>> <<Part 1:
>> http://groups.google.com/group/alt.usenet.legends.lester-mosley/msg/5aa996b0d5a5e621
>> I guess you also saw the photos of Stein a.R., of the little chateau
>> Arenenberg's splendid interior, and of 'Rothenburg ob der Tauber'
>> which is in an entirely different area (Franken in Bavaria). I only
>> presented it in this context because it was mentioned within the
>> excerpted passage (pertinent to Stein).>>
>> very glorious
>> I contrast this to my experiences yesterday.
>> We had dinner over my friend's apartment. She made a great meal that
>> included lobster.
>> Then we went to Mount Vernon to see a historic Christmas display of
>> President Washington's estate.
>> As we entered there was an adorable miniature version of the estate.
>> One of the placards indicated that a particular bedroom was the Lafayette
>> bedroom, because Lafayette was MORE than just a friend.
>> This led to speculation about what the phrase "father of our country"
>> really
>> means.
>> We decided that George and Martha might have really been swingers and
>> that
>> Lafayette and they probably often menaged.
>> Then, we moved on to a waiting spot under tents. Important because it
>> was
>> drizzling rain.
>> There we were treated to cookies from a recipe by Martha. And also warm
>> apple cider to deal with the wind.
>> We listened to a small singing group perform carols that might have been
>> sung at that time in history.
>> Finally, they allowed us to move forward.
>> The guide gave us a letter of introduction to give to Martha Washington
>> so
>> that we would be admitted to the estate.
>> It turns out that the US was founded on bureaucracy from the first day!!!
>> A little girl carried our letter of introduction. An actor playing the
>> slave caretaker accepted the letter and submitted to an actress playing
>> Martha. She offered to share her recipe for cake.
>> There were no tannenbaums in the house because that tradition did not
>> arrive
>> to the US till the 1800s. Turns out, from Germany.
>> I'd seen MOunt Vernon before and may have mentioned it somewhere before,
>> but
>> never had I seen it at night.
>> Nor at Christmas time but in the summer, so this was a new experience.
>> They took us to the kitchen to show us the christmas pie. What an
>> extraordinary grotesque thing. It was taller than a typical cake. It was
>> made of dough and stuffed with foul. They would take a small bird, like
>> a
>> partridge, then stuff it in a larger bird such as a duck. And then keep
>> adding larger and larger birds. The birds were stuffed matreshka style
>> in a
>> very salt saturated dough that was meant to preserve the pie. The pies
>> were
>> then sent to England as gifts to relatives.
>> They also made some weird wines. Here, from turnips.
>> Also, after the tour, we got to see a demonstration of dancing from that
>> era. It was probably the minuet but I couldn't hear what was being said.
>> I
>> noticed that it wasn't much different from the Electric Slide.
>> <<. Waterfalls
>> A little more west of Stein there're the 'Rhine Falls' of Schaffhausen
>> (Switzerland) - Europe's largest. www.rhinefalls.com
>> Sure, it's almost nothing compared to the Niagara or the Iguaçu falls
>> etc.
>> Iguaçu: www.trans-ocean.org/assy/bilder-brasilien/wasserfall.jpg &
>> (many more photos)
>> http://travel.webshots.com/album/7857026mTnHMQKDRS>>
>> nice enough tho
>> . Movies
>>> I watched a whole bunch of movies while I was working on something
>>> yesterday. - Most of them were boring.
>> . Departed
>>> I did watch Departed, last year's Oscar Winner. It was good but I don't
>>> get
>>> it, it wasn't Scorsese's best. Although it was certainly interesting
>>> and
>>> contained some good acting, it just wasn't the best thing ever. Of
>>> course,
>>> my mother saw it even before I did, because the female star -- possibly
>>> the
>>> only woman I noticed in a movie full of cops and criminals -- was the
>>> Ukrainian American actress Vera Farmiga.
>> Yeah I remember, we once talked about her...
>> . Incident
>>> There was a news item regarding Hillary Clinton whose campaign was
>>> disrupted
>>> by a hostage taking incident.
>>> Otherwise the campaign proceeds as expected.
>> . Lawyer's Conflict
>>> Since we are talking about law, I am fascinated by the below article,
>>> but
>>> it
>>> may be too boring technically for many.
>> ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Kerik
>>> Kerik's lawyer may have conflict.
>>> Friday, November 30, 2007
>>> WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Federal prosecutors said Thursday that the judge
>>> in
>>> the case against former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik
>>> should consider disqualifying Kerik's lawyer.
>>> The prosecutors said attorney Kenneth Breen could be called as a witness
>>> and
>>> therefore has a potential conflict of interest. Breen appeared with
>>> Kerik
>>> when he was indicted this month on 16 wide-ranging counts including
>>> accusations of lying to the White House, filing false income tax
>>> returns,
>>> tampering with witnesses and avoiding the nanny tax.
>>> Kerik made admissions to Breen that constituted obstruction of justice
>>> and
>>> were therefore not covered by the attorney-client privilege, prosecutors
>>> said.
>>> In a 12-page letter, U.S. Attorney Michael Gar- cia asked Judge Stephen
>>> Robinson to appoint a new lawyer who would advise Kerik about Breen's
>>> potential conflicts of interest and to consider disqualifying Breen.
>> <<. Miss World 2007
>> http://unterhaltung.t-online.de/c/13/59/10/82/13591082,tid=t.jpg
>> The first Chinese Miss World is Zhang Zilin from Beijing...
>> http://unterhaltung.t-online.de/c/13/58/96/98/13589698.html [diverse
>> galleries included].
>> . 1001 Nights
>> Here's an "exotic" gallery of Lambertz:
>> http://unterhaltung.t-online.de/c/13/57/15/80/13571580.html
>> [13 artful photos]
>> . History of Streaking
>> Photo gallery: www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/0,5538,26872,00.html
>> Is this art or fun - or both?
>> Or what could it be 'named'?>>
>> yeah maybe
>> it's just harmless fun,
>> I had a friend from Roanoke who had streaked on every single East coast
>> campus at one of their football games. He's a professional, a lawyer,
>> but I
>> don't think he'd call it art. He's a poet too, so I think he calls his
>> poetry art. but not his streaking
>> of course you have followed the Putin and Russian election issue
>> mk5000
>> "]Some fathers don't have time for their kids,
>> But for you I'm never a bother.
>> You always make the effort to listen and share;
>> You're always there when you're needed."-always there for your daughter,
>> joanna fuchs