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January 10th 08, 08:48 AM
If you are interested in getting a dog, you should be interested in
dog breeders.

The safest place to get a new dog would be from a dog breeder. That
gives you a history or insight of the prospective dog you are
interested in. You can find dog breeders in the newspaper or online.
If you see a great looking dog in public, you could strike up a
conversation with the owner and ask where they got their dog. Try to
verify the breeders reputation. There are several methods you can use
to make sure the breeder is professional, reliable and can be

Ask the Dog Breeder for References.

A good, experienced dog breeder can provide you with references to
some of his or her clients. Most people who have purchased a puppy
from them would be glad to share their experiences with you. Of
course, it would be even better if you locate past clients without
being directed by the breeder. Not that easy, but word gets around,
good or bad. Maybe some of your freinds or family have dealt with this
breeder in the past.

Be Rready to Ask Questions. And, Expect to Answer Many Questions

Good breeders are very interested in screening prospective buyers
themselves. They want the puppies to go to good homes. Questions such
as whether you have small children, size of your home and yard. Is the
yard fenced? Have you ever owned a dog before? Do you already have a
veterinarian? Can you or someone else spend the neccessary time with a
very young puppy until the puppy is older? If a breeder fails to ask
questions such as these, he may not care about the welfare of his
puppies. Or, he may be having a hard time selling...a possible sign of
other problems.

Is Price Important?

Of course! Price is important with anything you invest in. With some
breeds, such as Yorkies, the price will range from a few hundred to
many thousands of dollars. But, more money doesn't always mean better
dog. If you are getting into the dog show scene, you would need more
expensive dogs. Most of us are not interested in showing our dogs.
Compare prices to decide what your needs are.

Health Guarantees

You should get some sort of health guarantee before you buy. In
writing. Most breeders give only a short guarantee for health due to
the many deseases a puppy faces. That is why you should take your
puppy to a good vet as soon as possible. Do this before your health
guarantee runs out. You will want to get your new puppy any shots he
needs. Choose a vet that keeps up with the latest information
involving puppy innoculations. Some of the shots given in the past are
not needed today and may even be harmful.

Good breeders will take all the time you need to answer your
questions. Get everything in writing when you buy and follow your dog
breeders suggestions. Remember, they have the experience.