View Full Version : Toilet Seat Down

January 10th 08, 10:50 AM
In Europe there is an 'anti-sprinkle' movement, the goal of which is
to encourage men to sit down when they pee, and thus avoid the
sprinkle effect. Restrooms in all the countries across the continent
have signs urging men to be thoughtful gentlemen and sit down when
they do their business. My brother-in-law, a German lawyer, as with
many European men, now sits down when he conducts his business.
Because he's always been a thoughtful gentleman.

Ladies, don't get your hopes up because that's never going to happen
in America. Men in the states are going to continue to stand, and
they're going to continue to sprinkle, and you - I'm sorry to say -
are going to continue to clean up these sprinkles. Because they won't
do it themselves.

It's certainly a cultural thing as we see in the above example of my
brother-in-law and all those other European men. Part of being a man
here in America is that you stand when you urinate, since you are not
a woman and women, we know, pee sitting down. Indeed there