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January 23rd 08, 03:31 PM
our cat is 6, when 1 year old, he fell and became somewhat paralyzed on one
side (mostly front).. after this happened, he was unable to get up or walk
for about 1 week.. then without any intervention or pills began to walk..
though very heavily with front right leg quite numb, and back right leg
making that exaggerated heavy circular movement when walking.. but anyway..
all seemed well.. he ran, jumped, did everything a normal cat would.. until
one morning we wake up and he is unable to get up or walk.. this was about
month ago.. took him to 2 vets.. they say.. stroke.. some say brain shock..
some say the month of november, weather etc.. all in all.. the cat is now
kinda able to move his back legs.. the front right that was once numb, is
now completely numb and in fact stuck in one position at all times.. like a
piece of wood you cannot bend... the front left is better.. allowing him to
move... so basically he has the front left which is okay.. the back left
which is not bad.. and the back right which was also partially paralyzed
when he was 1 year old.

end result: when he gets up, he kinda has a hard time keeping balance.. and
falls.. goes to liter though has good appetite etc..

now when last vet saw all this.. he said it's definitely some brain
imblance.. causing him to lose balance and fall.. not necessarily the
limbs.. cause cats on 3 legs do great after a week or so of adjusting..
though I think one of his back legs is still pretty bad.. so he's kinda like
on two legs.. but anyway.. he said something else.. then gave him metacam to
relieve inflammation which he thinks is somewhere in brain area..

got bottle of liquid oral metacam 10ml total... at 0.4ml per day.. for 10
days.. I gave him does one with syrynge to mouth directly... mixed with 1-2
ml of milk... because I said to myself if I spread it on food, he will
never get the medicine..
day 2, did same thing.. day 3.. 15 minuts after giving it to him.. he
vomitted and had dirahea.. this was about 24 hours ago... that 3 rd dose..
12 hours after that, so this past morning called my vet, and told him about
it.. he said stop metacam right away.. then I went to pickup a stomach
coating liquid med called novo retaninad (if I remember name well).. and
another anti vomitting (also liquid) med called metoclopromide..

I asked vet if I can just wait out a few hours, couple days for vomitting to
pass.. he said better not.. cat might become dehydrated + no food.. so I
went with the meds..

anyway.. he still vomitted today, before I got him the new meds... and had
REAL bad water direhea just before I went to vet for meds.. I gave him so
far one dose of the anti vomitting med... he did not eat much since, but did
not vomit and no direhea..

anyway.. this is our story... the problem with mobility we initially tried
to tackle, is now on hold because metacam did a bad job.. and now we're
treating something that wasn't even there before metacam.. in fact the cat
was doing much better before metacam than now..

if you read this, thanks a lot.. and we'd love to hear any input you may
have on this!

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many thanks !