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January 29th 08, 05:04 AM
I'm an overworked city man with a polluting old car, an aching back,
endless bills and threatening letters almost daily from the IRS.

I drive to work, where I'm also under threat. Not enough sales.

Could I be terminated? What will I do?

The sales meeting in the office begins.

Suddenly, I'm flying through the trees on a vine as "Jungle Lad,"
muscles rippling as I effortlessly swoop down and scoop up "Marian
Pure Heart," the milk-skinned, voluptuous, D-cup maiden dressed in
ragged and skimpy safari skirt. Up in my tree house, I have her under
my power.

She stares at my huge, nearly naked torso (I'm wearing a leopard skin
string), sweat dripping from my gigantic, pulsating biceps. We're both
sweating, her chest (almost as impressive as mine) heaving with

Her teeth gnash.

Breathlessly, she says, "take me! Throw me on the bed (I have a zebra
skin for a bed).

Her clothes tear away as our passion unites, throbbing, gyrations of
flesh, moans of pulsating pleasure accompanied by the trumpets of
elephants and various jungle beasts below.

Suddenly, I'm a hiker, hiking with a female naturalist, a bookwormish
type wearing heavy black glasses, with a demure missionary skirt,
blouse and sand-colored pith helmet. We make camp, set up separate
tents on top of a Peruvian mountain.

I'm slowly removing my sweat-stained, pure cotton, native hand woven
"Yuk-Fungoo" Tibetan Sherpa mountain guide shirt (everyone in the
Andes should have one). The bones in my body ache from the punishing,
nearly straight-up twenty-mile hike.

Suddenly, she rips open the canvas door flap, and leaps through the
air on top of me. Like a beast of prey, a female panther, she has me
out of my dungarees. She flings off