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Gregory Schiek
February 15th 08, 08:59 PM
Hello All,

I came across a giveaway site that I signed up for http://www.perfectlittersweepstakes.com.

Here is what they are giving away:

On or about March 14th, 2008 representatives of the Sponsor will
conduct a random drawing from among all eligible entries received to
award an Grand Prize consisting of: One Hundred ($100.00) Visa Card,
one (1) year of VPI Superior Plan Pet Insurance (website:
http://www.petinsurance.com), one (1) year supply of PetEcology
Perfect Litter(tm) for up to two (2) cats and/or kittens, one (1) bottle
of Odor Eliminator + Guard All, and one (1) bottle of Waterless
Shampoo for cats and dogs. All items have a total approximate retail
value of four hundred sixty dollars ($460.00).

After filling out their sweepstakes, I went to their site and it seems
like their product is very EARTH FRIENDLY.

Pet Ecology Perfect Litter(tm) is 100% earth friendly and 98% natural (no
sodium bentonite) and bio degradable.

Because it's safe to flush, Pet Ecology Perfect Litter(tm) "Alert" does
not contribute to the destruction of our landfills posed by clay based
litters. According to the Bureau of Waste Management, and other
reliable sources, billions of pounds of spent cat litter is dumped
into U.S. landfills every year - more than the amount of disposable
diapers. Moreover, clay-based products swell to 15 times their
original size via water absorption, thereby exacerbating landfill
capacities and resources even further. Simply put, the clay-based cat
litter products that dominate the market today are hazardous to the

Pet Ecology Perfect Litter "Alert" is perfectly safe to our
environment and landfills.

I have 3 cats and thought I would give it a try. The stuff is
delivered right to your door. The 2 week free trial costs $3.95 for
shipping and after it is $14.00/mo. I feel that I am promoting a
healthlier lifestyle for the environment and I have the ability to
monitor my all my cat's health.

I just thought I would recommend this product b/c it is earth
friendly, delivery straight to the door, and potentially can save my

Take care all and if you try, I hope you receive the same benefits I