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February 19th 08, 03:42 PM
All about you health
In 1994, when I hit bottom and first went on Prozac, I weighed 125
pounds. Two weeks ago I weighed 186 pounds. Today I weigh 180 pounds
thanks to the new About Bipolar Disorder Weight Loss Incentive
It's a fact: the medications used to treat depression and mania do
weight gain. And that excess weight can be extremely hard to lose,
because the medications are fighting our efforts. Researchers have
found, for example, that weight gained from SSRI medications like
can be difficult to lose even after the person is no longer taking
Too many doctors seem to be taking the position that "being fat is
better than being depressed." But they're missing some important
1. Being fat IS DEPRESSING; and
2. Being fat is unhealthy!
In my own case, the 60 pounds I've gained (from a combination of
medications and quitting smoking) have sent my cholesterol
So now I have to take medication for that! I have a genetic
predisposition to high cholesterol, but as long as my weight was
control, my cholesterol was, too. If I can lose the weight, I can
probably get off Zocor. It will be better for my heart. It will be
better for my back (which thinks I'm pregnant because of supporting
much belly weight). It will be better for my circulatory system. It
be better for my feet. And it will be immensely better for my
If this sounds familiar, then you know what I'm talking about. Maybe
you, like me, have tried to lose weight on your own, failed, and
discouraged. That's why we have decided to make this a team program -
we can support each other while we develop new eating and exercise
habits and fight the dangerous weight-gain side effect of our
Joining the Clubs
We've set up two groups: The Weight Loss Club and the Walkers Club.
you want to include walking in your weight loss program, join the
Walkers Club. If walking isn't right for you, join the Weight Loss
You'll still need to exercise, but you can choose something other
walking. Depending on your selection of primary exercise on the Sign
Form, we will put you on the correct roster.
Here are the links you need:
Join the Bipolar Weight Loss Program
Weight Loss Club Member List
Walkers Club Member List
The Program
The Bipolar Weight Loss Incentive Program is a work in progress. Kim
I are still brainstorming, and we're eager to have your input, too.
you have ideas, post them here!) But we've got a good start, and here
are the details so far.
* Community Support
Members of the Weight Loss and Walkers Clubs will be divided into
each with a team leader. Leaders will be responsible for starting
threads that their team members can respond to about their
accomplishments for the week, and working to motivate their teams. By
the way, there's no competition involved with the teams - we just
that by breaking the members into groups with leaders, each person
get more individual attention and support from his/her team leader
other team members.
* Weekly Tips
Every week we will be posting links to tips on goal-setting, sticking
your goals, walking and other exercise techniques, dieting ideas and
more. We started, appropriately enough, with tips on keeping your New
Year's Resolutions. Here are this week's tips.
* Chat Support
We'll be holding at least one weekly chat for the Weight Loss group
(both clubs). Teams that want to chat together can arrange meetings.
you would like to volunteer to host a Bipolar Weight Loss chat
once or twice a week, please contact me.
* Members' Recipes
We'll publish club members' original diet-safe recipes whenever we
them. Here's where to submit recipes.
Other ideas in the works include publishing individual pages with a
member's name or nickname, "before" photo (if desired), beginning
weight, goal weight, medications and other information the member
to share. I'll also be hunting down and/or creating good record-

Weight loss for someone taking medications to control depression and/
mania won't be easy to accomplish. I don't expect to lose 6 pounds
two weeks from walking and watching my diet. I'm in this for the long
haul. And that's why this type of program is important - one where we
who know each other's unique problems better than anyone else can
support each other as we go forward.
So the only question is: What have you got to lose? Join us!
Originally published January 13, 2001
Updated January 26, 2001
Reality isn't the way you wish things to be, nor the way
they appear to be, but the way they actually are.
- Robert J. Ringer

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> In 1994, when I hit bottom and first went on Prozac, I weighed 125
> pounds. Two weeks ago I weighed 186 pounds. Today I weigh 180 pounds
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