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February 22nd 08, 11:31 PM
Hello again. Just wanted to say hi, I have posted before, about the
vomiting cat (Aster), and the thread currently has 33 posts, LOL.
Didn't mean for all that to happen.

Anyway, just a tad about me, my wife and I have 3 cats. We have Chloe
who is 12 and looks just like Morris from the commercials. We have
Ezmerelda (Ezzie) who is 7 and is grey with white boots and a white
vest. She could seriously be on calendars, she has a very unique and
pretty look. Then there is the "baby" Aster, who is 2. She looks like
a Blue Russian but is not. Aster had a twin sister Dizzy (Diz) who
passed on early, but their names were Diz-Aster. Luckily Aster is
also a flower, so it's not too crazy of a name for her to live with!

Ezzie totally adores my wife and just tolerates me. I'm like one step
above chopped liver. Chloe used to be an outside cat, but because of
where we live now, she has become an indoor cat and seems to have
adjusted well. She's super laid back. Aster is MY little baby. She
follows me around all day, talks to me, and gets noticably perturbed
if I deviate from my routine of when I watch TV, because that's "lap
time". She will let me know verbally! She could sit on my lap until
she has to eat or use the litter box, and I never get sick of it. She
sits there and rubs her head against my hand, I don't even have to do
the work of petting her if I don't want, LOL.

The "I am your Cat" poem made me think about all this, and that our 3
girls haven't been formally introduced. I will try to get some
pictures together. Slowly but surely my wife has converted me to a
cat person as opposted to a dog person, I think. It depends a lot on
the particular cat or dog, but Aster was the gravy, I think!